Friday, December 9, 2011


A man with vengeance
sought for revenge
with a list in his hand
and was never apprehend,
living forever in vengeance.


There was a boy who really loved leather
Which he wore no matter what weather
He had the spikes to prove
That he had the groove
I just wish he had on a feather!


I am a guy without a care,
I've got no love/hate secrets to bare.
Something though, causes me pain,
It strongly burns with disdain.
Thats the rise of the taxi fare.

The Lone Ranger

there is a man,
of whom i'm a fan.
he serves as a ranger
in all lands of danger.
he drives his mother's van.

The boy who dream

There was a young boy from Paris
He wished to be the best in Tetris
Little did he know that he was a fool
He walked and walked and fell into a pool
He got up and started running to Clarice

The Guard of Jarl Jule

There once was a man just like you
He ventured the world ‘tis true
It was not meant to be
He took an arrow to the knee
And now he’s a guard for Jarl Jule.

If you get this reference, you need some sun.
Here's 1 that is slightly less trollish.

In class a limerick was to do
Difficult and annoying it was too
I crapped my way through it
Dunno how I wrote it
But now I’m done with that to

The Sloth

There once was a fat, stinky sloth,

Who always had to sleep in his cloth.

It came alive

To the sound of jive

Which scared the fat, stinky sloth


Le Clue

Jack once found a clue

From that show blue's clues

He searched round the corner

All he found was his brother

They sneezed “achooo!” and developed a flu.
I took my journey to the south
Until I realised it was my mouth
How ridiculous there I thought
To the direction where I was caught
There I stood beneath my wrath

An atrocious crime

Once upon a time,
lived a girl who thought she could rhyme
She wrote and wrote,
many words she spoke
But eventually had some wine.

Welcome Class!

Hi everybody,

Welcome to the first class of SEDP! I hope you've enjoyed the improvisations we did and the video clips that I've showed you. I enjoyed the 'Masking Tape' game and the rap that you did. Totally enjoyable! Writing your first poem can be daunting which is why we are starting with limericks. Limericks are witty and humourous. I would really love to see your artistic creations so please post them on the blog. Other members; please comment on the limericks and provide constructive criticism.lTell us why you like it and if there are any areas for improvements (AFIs).

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

I'll see you in 2012!!

Ms Salena